Georgetown University offers a wide range of courses for students who are interested in studying multilingualism both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Below are examples of some of the courses that IMS scholars offer at GU across various disciplines.

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Cognition and Neuroscience of Language

  • LING-271: Introduction to Psycholinguistics
  • NSCI-523: Brain and Language
  • SPAN-726: Bilingualism & Cognition

Cognitive/Functional Linguistics

  • LING-485: Cognitive and Functional Approaches to Language
  • LING-752: Seminar on Applying Cognitive Approaches to Language
  • LING-760: Seminar on Usage-based Approaches to Multilingualism

Language and Society

  • LING-283: Language and Society
  • LING-333: Cross Cultural Communication
  • LING-412: Language and Education
  • LING-495: Ethnography of Communication
  • LING-496: Intercultural Communication
  • SPAN-380: Spanish in the Community
  • SPAN-396: Spanish Sociolinguistics

Language Pedagogy

  • LING-259/359: How to Languages are taught
  • SPAN-392: Seminar on Teaching Spanish
  • LING-459: Supervised Teaching Practicum
  • LING-494: Task-based Language Learning and Teaching
  • GERM-445/545: Literacy and FL Teaching
  • GERM-445/545: Fundamentals of German Language Instruction

Language Testing, Assessment, and Evaluation

  • LING-350: Language Testing
  • LING-548: Language Program Evaluation
  • LING-567: Advanced Language Testing
  • LING-750: Accountability, Accreditation, and Assessment in Language Education


  • LING-456: L2 Writing
  • GERM-533: The Language of Evaluation Across Contexts

Research Methods

  • LING-584: Statistics for Linguistics Research
  • LING-590: Advanced Statistics
  • LING-681: Research Design and Methods
  • SPAN-727: Seminar on Statistical Methods in SLA Research
  • LING-746: Seminar on Research Synthesis & Meta-Analysis in Language Studies

Second Language Acquisition

  • LING-251: How Languages are Learned
  • SPAN-500: Spanish Teaching Methodology
  • SPAN-509: Instructed Second Language Acquisition
  • LING-553: Intro to SLA/Bilingualism
  • SPAN-725: Seminar on Study Abroad
  • GERM-731: Theoretical, Research, and Instructional Issues in Advanced Instructed SLA
  • LING-759: Seminar in Language Acquisition
  • SPAN-798: Technology & L2 Learning
  • LING-222/422: Communication, Culture, Study Abroad
  • SPAN-313: Bilingualism: Mind and Context
  • LING-758: Multilingualism: Learning and Teaching

Language Analysis

  • LING-478: Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers
  • LING-264: Multilingual and Parallel Corpora
  • LING-485: Cognitive Grammar
  • ITAL-480/LING-483: Discourse Analysis: Narrative
  • GERM-511: Constructing Knowledge Across Disciplines and Cultures
  • GERM-533: The Language of Evaluation Across Contexts

Multilingualism and Social Justice

  • LING-310: Language and Social Justice
  • ITAL-420: Language and Migration
  • LING-748: Sociopolitics of language learning

Language Classes for Multilinguals

  • JAPN-391: Intro to Japanese Linguistics
  • ARAB-390: Fundamentals of Language
  • FREN-009: French for Spanish Speakers
  • SPAN-009: Spanish for French Speakers
  • ITAL-009: Italian for Spanish Speakers
  • ITAL-010: Advanced Italian for Spanish Speakers
  • PERS-009: Persian for Arabic Speakers (New in Fall 2018)
  • PORT-009: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
  • SPAN-007: Catalan for Speakers of Romance Languages.

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