What We Do

  • We are collaborating with the DCLIP on a study of teacher pipeline resources for dual-language immersion in the United States (Georgetown IRB #0001642, Co-PIs: Erin Fell, Vashti Lee, Valentina Michelotti, and Malik Stevenson)
  • We are funded through a 2019-2021 INTPART grant from the Research Council of Norway with MultiLing in Norway and four universities in South Africa and are designing and participating in a three-year series of events with top multilingualism scholars across the three continents committed to supporting research into global multilingualism. 
  • In October of 2019, we convened a research workshop on Social Justice, Language Diversity, and Globalization that gathered diverse voices from the United States, Norway, and South Africa to explore issues of social justice in multilingual studies and other social sciences
  • We are supporting the collection of videographic interviews with remote Indigenous communities, an amazing project undertaken by Georgetown alumnus Jeff Wong and his colleague Henry Maillet involving a boat expedition along the 1,300 km or 800 miles of the Paraguay River to create the first Guaraní-Spanish bilingual corpus (FB: Rostros del Río, Instagram: @rostrosdelrio)
  • We collaborate with the Legal English Program at the Georgetown Law School to support the education of international and domestic multilingual lawyers
  • We have partnered with The Harmonious Bilingualism Network, HaBilNet, a philanthropic foundation in Belgium whose mission is to support the well-being of bilinguals and their families ( https://www.habilnet.org)
  • We offer doctoral students competitive summer travel awards to attend research training workshops, for example, in Poland, Belgium, South Africa, and Norway.
  • Each semester, we offer an active schedule of events that foster inspiration for cutting-edge ideas about multilingualism research