Five doctoral students presented their research in South Africa in December 2022 with funding from the IMS

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IMS faculty Lourdes Ortega and Anna De Fina traveled with five doctoral students to Cape Town in December, 2022, for the invitational conference that closed the 4-year INTPART grant with Norwegian and South African multilingualism researchers. The event was the culmination of four years of interaction among scholars working on multilingualism and social justice at the IMS at Georgetown, MultiLing in Oslo, and four universities in South Africa. The five-day program featured rich research into multilingualism by junior and senior researchers from the three countries. 

IMS graduate students’ presentations in the conference:

  • Rima Elabdali – “I Can Still See a Trace of Arabic on the Board”: Securitization, Invisibility, and the White Public Space
  • Felipe De Jesus – On ‘Travesti’ as a Linguistic-Ideological Referent in the Authentication of Brazilian Trans* Identities
  • Nishita Grace Isaac – Developing Multilingual Books to Support Mother-Tongue Multilingual Education for Indian Tribal Children
  • Malik Stevenson – The Emotional Labor of English Language Teaching While Black
  • Helen Dominic – Brokering Relationships and Language in Healthcare: The Emotional Labor of Immigrant Non-Professional Interpreters

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