Degree Programs

Georgetown University encompasses a variety of departments, centers, and programs where multilingualism is studied from different perspectives and research approaches. Each department listed below has degree programs that allow students to study about and carry out research on multilingualism, whether as part of a BA, MA/MS, or Ph.D. To find out more about the specific degrees offered by each department, click on the links below to visit the department listings.

Arabic Language, Literature, and Linguistics (new window)

East Asian Languages and Cultures (new window)

French (new window)

German (new window)

Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (new window)

Psychology (new window)

Cognitive Science (new window)

Italian (new window)

Linguistics (new window)

The Department of Linguistics offers concentrations in Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Theoretical Linguistics. Click here (new window) for more on individual concentrations.

Russian (new window)

Spanish and Portuguese (new window)

Other Relevant Web Sites

Faculty of Languages and Linguistics (new window)

An active collaboration among seven foreign language departments and the Department of Linguistics. The members of the FLL have coordinated their academic policies and often collaborate on curricular planning, admissions, extracurricular activities, and educational initiatives.

Center for the Brain Basis of Cognition (new window)

Intended to enhance collaboration among the diverse disciplines that examine the neural basis of cognition. Their initial focus is on language and lifespan cognitive development.

The Learning and Development Lab (new window)

Sign Language Research Lab (new window)

Department of English as a Foreign Language (new window)

A place for international students to study English in preparation for professional work or college study. Students wishing to find out more about the EFL programs at Georgetown should visit the Georgetown Intensive English Language Programs (new window) web page.